Coming soon: Get rewarded for paying your debts!

We know that we get black listed for not managing our debts. Do we get rewarded for paying them?
CreditEdit is here to make that possible with participating credit providers.


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CreditEdit can advise you on many debt solutions in regards to personal debts and general debt help.
We are committed to providing the highest quality of service, as well as offering tailored debt support and debt management to our clients.
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Our work

CreditEdit was founded with the aim of providing fair and ethical consumer debt advice to South African residents.
With our many years experience of helping people who are struggling with personal debt and financial problems, we are perfectly placed to help you find the right solution for your circumstances.
Our Work

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Once you have taken the first most difficult step to pick up the phone or apply online and contact us, we will talk you through the different debt solutions in order to find the right product for your personal circumstances.
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Our Aim
is to help you become debt free in the shortest, most cost-effective way possible.